Raúl Granados


Raúl GB

  • Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher (ESR/PhD), Project 9
  • University of Leuven, Belgium
  • raul.granadosbarbero@kuleuven.be

Background Project

He was born in Madrid in 1991. After finishing The Secondary School he studied Physics, specialising in Applied Physics at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). After that, he joined the DESY summer school programme, working under supervision of Dr. Chen Xu on the current-voltage characterisation of Silicon Photomultiplier for use in PET scanners. Several weeks later he started a MSc in Biomedical Physics, also at UCM, choosing as Master Thesis a topic related to the signal processing of the electric signals obtained through stereo-EEG. During his work on the Thesis he discovered the Childbrain project thanks to his supervisors. After some interviews, Carsten Wolters recommended him to Jan Wouters, who finally recruited him for his team at KU Leuven to develop the PhD project about the measures of auditory brain responses in children.
He is a very curious person, proactive and he is always motivated to learn new things.